Tax Credit

Here's your chance to make an important contribution to education in our Fountain Hills schools—and receive a lot of credit for your generosity and community spirit. Of course, we'll lavish you with thanks and praise, but there's something you may find even more rewarding.  An Arizona state tax law (ARS 43-1089.01) allows individual tax payers a tax credit of up to $400* (per return) on Arizona Income taxes when they make a financial contribution in support of extracurricular activities in any public school. The kinds of programs you can help fund range from sports and band fees to lab sciences and art projects. The Fountain Hills Unified School District is committed to maintaining these activities for the enjoyment and enrichment of our students. Unfortunately, our funding is not sufficient to offset all of the associated costs. As a result, these programs must depend on fees from students. And that's where you can help.