Instructions To Register My Athlete…


You must create an account prior to registering your athlete(s) for a sport…


Create An Account...


1  Click link to “Register My Athlete”

2  Select “Create Account” and enter requird information

3  At bottom of the page, select “Parent” from the options

4. Select “Create Account”






















Register My Athlete Tech Support

Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

Register My Athlete - New To The System:


These instructions apply only after parents have created a RMA account. 


1. Sign In

2. Click Start/Complete Registration

3. Click Here to Start a New Registration

4. You will select your School, continue down the red bars

5. Go through Registration Checklist bars

6. Make sure all areas show “Complete”

7. Once you have reached the “School Requirement,” that is the section where you will complete your E-sign and all

documentation… Read and complete all requirements. 

Register My Athlete For A Second Sport:


1. Login to your existing     account

2. Select Parent

3. On the top left select "Start/complete   Registrations"

4. Start a new registration

5. Follow the prompts by verifying the information, and by agreeing to any documents that may have been added to the sport

6. Complete the prompts until the registration says "Complete" in green. This will signal that the athlete is complete and ready tocompete for the sport