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Updated 2-20-21

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Fountain Hills High School

A History of Championship Teams

Our commitment to competing at the highest level has served us well, as our teams are regularly competing for, and winning state championships. Our coaches work together to be unified in their approach toward Falcon Athletics. We teach our student athletes the importance of working hard and being committed to our programs. The emphasis throughout our entire campus is to be excellent in everything we do, from the classroom to the athletic field or court. Fountain Hills High School has won 22 state championships in the following sports...

Baseball: 4

Boys Basketball: 4

Girls Soccer: 3

Girls Volleyball: 3

Boys Tennis: 2

Girls Tennis: 2

Girls Track & Field: 2

Girls Basketball: 1

Girls Beach Volleyball: 2

Boys Soccer: 1

Marching Band: 1

Beach Volleyball: 2

Power Hour

A Commitment To Academic Excellence

Our commitment to academic excellence starts with Power Hour; our daily expectation that all student athletes attend a one hour tutoring/reteach experience. During Power Hour, all academic teachers are available in their classrooms to provide tutoring or reteach moments. Athletes may tutor other students, as well as work on their physical fitness if all academics are on track. We also provide tutoring for all students via National Honor Society. Power Hour is open to all Fountain Hills High School students, not just athletes. Fountain Hills High School students are committed to Advanced Placement courses, as 47% of all students are involved in the AP program. 

State-Of-The-Art Facilities

COC Final New.png

For Fountain Hills High School, the Campus of Champions model is a positive behavior model (PBIS) that offers students opportunities to celebrate success, while also offering interventions for those who need extra help. Our behavior model is based on high expectations and consistently encouraging our students to strive for academic and competitive greatness. Our athletic facilities provide our student athletes the opportunity to compete in state-of-the art facilities, with the backing of an entire town. Fountain Hills High School provides student athletes with a rigorous academic experience, a caring atmosphere, and the opportunity to achieve greatness.



Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our athletic program, or Fountain Hills High School. We look forward to answering all of your questions, and we appreciate your support. Go Falcons!

Athletic Director: Willie Dudley

wdudley@fhacademics.org  (480) 664-5539

Fountain Hills High School

16100 E Palisades Blvd
Fountain Hills, Maricopa County 85268

(480) 664-5500